U23 Podcast was created by Aidan Landrum, a 14-year-old youth elite triathlete from Athens, Georgia. Aidan competed in his first IronKids triathlon when he was six years old. He finished third from last in his division but thought he surely was top three. It wasn’t until years later that he learned the truth about his first race by by then it didn’t matter. He was already hooked.

At nine years old, Aidan decided triathlon was his destiny and set his sights on qualifying for IronKids Nationals. It was late July and the only two races left in the series were 16 hours away in Iowa. Off they went to Quad Cities where he placed third and punched his ticket to Nationals three weeks later. He placed 10th at Nationals, which was exciting, but not as exciting as the pomp and circumstance of the event, the feeling of pride, meeting Hunter Kemper, and watching the pros race the following day at the historic HyVee Triathlon. Triathlon was like no other sport and the Landrum family was all in.

Aidan is a true connoisseur of the sport, memorizing races and splits the way other kids memorize baseball stats. Having listened to triathlon podcasts like The Real Coaching Podcast, Babbittville Radio, Fitter Radio, and Oxygen Addict while driving to and from practice each week, he decided to launch his own podcast focused on youth, junior and U23 triathletes. The triathlon community is vast but there are so many stories to tell. A podcast seemed like the perfect way for up and coming athletes to learn about each other.

The U23 Triathlon Podcast is a true family affair. Aidan and his dad, Joel, an ER Veterinarian, research and interview podcast guests and address relevant themes in the sport through the Ten Minute Topic. His mom, Kim, is an Advertising and Public Relations Professor at UGA and is the sound engineer and social media coordinator. They didn’t know the first thing about producing a podcast but figured it out as they went along. Aidan appreciates your support and hopes the podcast helps inspire you to find your own niche in the sport.